We cannot make the world a better place overnight, but we’d like to at least make a start. Bee1 has been established to address the decline in pollinators both locally and globally. Government and Local Authorities have a legal and moral responsibility for biodiversity, health and well-being for the future. Bee1 offers effective methodologies for delivering these obligations, providing specific solutions to increase and sustain essential pollinator species and in turn, pollination. This will also affect supply chain management.

Our approach is closely aligned with Government and Local Authority policies, and in order to develop sustainably, the Law has been changed to put into place the key enablers. To secure the long term well-being of our Country, we need to work together.

The Legislative Framework

  • Well-being of Future Generations Act
  • Environment (Wales) Act
  • Planning (Wales) Act

Working in partnership with businesses, (click here) is proving invaluable. With the support provided, Bee1 has the capability of improving the environment that bees inhabit, this is significant and helping the declining bee population from worsening. Together, we are achieving a positive, measurable impact within our local eco-system, creating and accomplishing carbon offsetting initiatives.

The Well-being of Future Generations Act includes:
You will be better equipped to enhance future opportunities that present themselves, by outlining the carbon offsetting accomplished by adopting a hive.

Want to be part of the bee-volution? We have two options for businesses who want to get involved.



  • Connex Education Partnership
  • Cuprinol