In a recent poll of Foundation phase and Key Stage 2 school children, only 10% had tasted honey or knew where it actually came from.

As much as bees are central to our environment, schools are central to our communities. Working with Cardiff University Pharmabees project, we have access to invaluable educational resources. Our aim is to provide children with hands-on experiences and to gain a clear understanding about the importance of these amazing creatures and associated benefits. We offer 'bee experience days', talks and maximise the use of Social Media platforms and radio, providing information to help deliver a very clear message about the issues facing pollinators, and to help generate enthusiasm by encouraging children to take action.


By adopting a local hive for your school, you can make a great difference to your local bee population, plus help to conserve a local meadow and woodland. You can use the approved resources that we provide to teach the children in your schools the importance of bees.

We have curriculum-based content that has been specifically designed and developed by the Cardiff University Pharmacology Department. Through adopting a hive, your school will have access to this invaluable resource.



  • An adopted beehive with your school logo, located at a bee base registered apiary
  • School honey that the children can taste, jar and label
  • A visit from your dedicated beekeeper
  • A certificate of commitment to biodiversity for your school
  • Wildflower meadow seedballs so your school can create its own bee-friendly flower garden
  • A wall planner with lots of information about the lifecycle of a bee

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Our work with businesses is continually evolving, presenting opportunities for organisations to donate a bee hive to schools in convergence areas*. In donating a hive, the children immediately benefit from the education and experiences that we facilitate.

We have 32 registered schools. Our aim is to ensure they each have their eco-pack and hive donated and delivered by 2020.

If you wish to check your eligibility, click below:
*Subject to convergence due diligence checks.


Bee1 have teamed up with Plumbwise Wales and are offering a free eco-package to eligible schools

The package includes:

School Honey

Wildflower meadow beebombs

Dedicated school beekeeper

An adopted colony of bees and hive

Bee life-cycle chart

Curriculum rich resources, approved by Cardiff University Pharmacology Department

All you need to do is register your school to qualify.
Every time a Viessman Eco-Boiler is sold by Plumbwise Wales, they will donate an eco-package to a registered school. It's as easy as that!

Yet another example of taking practical steps to support biodiversity, carbon reduction and offsetting.

We all have a responsibility to save our eco-system, and more importantly, our planet.



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